About This Project

As Bronkhorst & Van Pinxteren we take care of the communication and PR for the Elite Foal Auction Borculo. In addition, we contribute to the online marketing of this highly regarded foal auction. Our work includes the creation of the auction catalogue, the distribution of press releases and newsletters, keeping the website up to date, taking care of the social media, maintaining contact with the press and, as mentioned, partly co-organise and execute the online marketing. Beside all of this we focus on the creation of a new corporate identity and website in the context of the forty-year existence of this foal auction in 2019.


About Elite Foal Auction Borculo


Since 1979, ‘Borculo’ has been a household name within the equestrian world and this is partly due to the fact that the organization has always been progressive and innovative. Foal Auction Borculo is therefore the first on many fronts. Not only the first foal auction of the Netherlands or the first based on the highest average auction price, but also traditionally the first auction of the regular foal auction season. The Elite Foal Auction Borculo takes place at the last Wednesday (jumping foals) and Thursday (dressage foals) of August. The auction venue is the appealing accommodation of Paardensportcentrum Lichtenvoorde in Vragender, the Netherlands.

Striking are the successes of previously auctioned foals, which constantly confirm the slogan ‘Eye for talent’.


Photos: Sjoert Pegge and Arnd Bronkhorst Photography