Presentation at ‘In the saddle with online marketing’

Like the first edition in 2017, Arnd and Peter were also present this year at the symposium ‘In the saddle with online marketing’ at the Larenstein Estate in Velp, the Netherlands. In contrast to a year ago, both held their presentation this time together, which was almost obvious considering the subject: ‘Word & image in perfect balance – How to produce good content’

During the presentation, the creation of high-quality content was central. Both Arnd and Peter discussed their own field of expertise in this context and also paid attention to the fact that image and text are often inextricably linked together when good content is being created and, if properly used, reinforce each other on various (online) areas. The presentation in front of a well filled lecture hall provided quite some interaction with the interested public, that frequently asked questions to the two guest speakers.

The symposium that was organised by ehorses from Germany and Van Hall Larenstein- University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands had a varied program in which several aspects of online marketing, often aimed at the equestrian sector, passed by. Other guest speakers were among others Luc van Moorsel & Daisy van Nieuwkasteele from EquineMERC, Rens Plandsoen, Lena Büker and Liselotte Laffree of ehorses/edogs, vlogger Feline de Jonge and Conny Loonstra from DressagePRO.

Pictures by Nikki de Kerf